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Given the global COVID-19 pandemic, many people wonder how to optimize their natural immunity.  As a disclaimer, I am not suggesting that Vitamin D will prevent or treat a COVID infection. Here I am only emphasizing an ingredient that is important for a healthy immune system.

Given that large numbers of Canadians are deficient in Vitamin D – so much so that the lab no longer will allow us to measure Vitamin D levels except in special circumstances – if you are not supplementing in the winter, you are almost guaranteed to be low on Vitamin D.

Although my usual recommended adult dose is 2000 units (IU) daily (D3 or regular Vitamin D are equivalent), if you have not been taking it regularly, I would recommend 1 month of 5000 units daily until you have optimized your levels then maintain at 2000 units daily.

For children, Vitamin D doses for newborns are 800 units daily for the first year of life, then 1000 units for most other children.  Starting in teenage years, 2000 units per day is appropriate.

If you forget to take it, don’t worry – it is fat soluble and will store, so feel free to take your whole week’s dose in one day, or if you forget one day, take a double dose the next day.

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer the next time I see you.
-Dr. Bouchard