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About The Medical Clinic

The Westglen Medical Centre is an established family medicine practice in the SW of Calgary. The clinic was initially opened in the 1990’s. With the building of the c-train station, the clinic moved to our current location on Springborough Boulevard in 2009.

We offer family practice, walk-in services, obstetrics and gynecology, and physician-based breastfeeding assistance.

We are open 6 days per week to serve the community, seeing a combined ~30,000 patients yearly.

The majority of our physicians are members of the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network.

The Primary Care Network offers timely and convenient access to allied health practitioners on-site: a clinical nurse educator, a psychologist/counsellor, and a behavioural health consultant.

The Primary Care Network also provides off-site services and after-hours clinic care to ensure continuity of patient health and wellness.

Our Mission

To be a stable, familiar, and multi-disciplinary care center providing competent medical care for people in the community of all ages and walks of life. The Westglen Medical Centre will be the Medical Home of the people in Southwest Calgary, where they can come to feel welcome, known, and well cared for.

Meet Our Team

Family & Walk-In Doctors

Dr. Thomas Bouchard


After completing his undergraduate at McGill University, Dr. Thomas Bouchard spent three years doing research on dementia in Parkinson’s disease at the University of Alberta.  He then completed medical school and residency at the University of Calgary.  He now practices general family medicine and works in Long Term Care. He is a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Calgary and sits on the Perinatal Palliative Care Committee. He has published articles on a wide variety of issues from Natural Family Planning to Parkinson’s disease.  He is beginning a PhD in quantitative fertility assessment at the University of British Columbia in September, 2022. He speaks French at home with his family, and loves to read aloud to his children, play board games and go on long bike rides.

Dr. Timothy Cran


Dr. Cran  graduated at UBC Medical School in 1994. He completed his residency at Dalhousie Family Practice. Program in 1994.  He spent 4 years as a remote physician in Baffin Island. He proceeded to practice as a hospitalist at Peter Lougeed Hospital for 4 years.  From there he decided to join Westglen Medcial Centre in 2009 and is still at the clinic practicing Family Medicine.

Dr. Mina Derakshan


Dr. Derakhshan is an international medical graduate, She graduated from an Iranian medical school, She moved to Canada in 2001, received her residency training at the University of Saskatchewan, and graduated as a family physician in 2005 . She then moved to Calgary and has been practicing at the Westglen Medical Centre ever since. She enjoys practicing family medicine as she can provide continuing  care to her patients through the various stages of life.

Dr. Jill Dewar


Dr. Jill Dewar graduated from the University of Calgary Medical School in 2015. She completed her Family Medicine residency at the University of Calgary in 2018 and has been practicing medicine since 2018.

Dr. Genevieve Eder


Dr. Genevieve Eder obtained her M.D. at the University of Calgary in 2011, after having also completed a Bachelor’s of Science with Honours in Biochemistry, and a Master’s of Science in Pharmacology. She attended the University of Alberta Family Medicine Residency Program. She has been practicing Family Medicine since 2014.

Dr. Lisa Friedland


Dr. Friedland is a general practioner specializing in family medicine.

Dr. Anjali Rehill


Dr. Rehill completed her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the U of C. She then went on to complete her medical degree at the U of A in Edmonton. She completed her Family Medicine Residency at the U of A as well.

Lactation Doctors

Dr. Chantal Barry


Dr. Barry graduated medical school from the University of Alberta in 2010. She completed her residency training at the University of Calgary while raising young children. She is passionate about caring for the health of others and in particular for new mothers and their babies who may struggle to breastfeed as she did. She practices family medicine and is a certified lactation consultant. In her spare time, she likes to sing, swim, and hang out with family and friends.

Dr. I. Briggs



Dr. Shirline Chia


Dr. Chia is a family physician and lactation consultant who joined the Westglen Lactation Clinic in 2018.

Dr. Alexandra Curry


Dr. Brian Hartman


Dr. Hartman graduated medical school from the University of Ottawa and completed his family medicine residency at the University of Calgary. He is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consult. He finds breastfeeding medicine incredibly rewarding because he can assist in such an important part of a baby’s life. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies, walking other people’s dogs and finding the best chicken wings on the market.

Dr. Marta Kozlowska


Dr. Kozlowska is a graduate of the University of Alberta Family Medicine program and completed training to become a Lactation Consultant. Her practice interests include women’s health, complex high needs patients, and mental health.  She feels privileged and loves to work with women, their babies, and families and to support them during their breast-feeding journey.  She is also a busy mom to two young children and loves to keep active skiing, swimming and biking with her family. 

Dr. K. Truong



Dr. Jane Ng

BSC (McGill), MDCM (McGill), RCPC (UBC)

Dr. J Ng is delighted to be accepting referrals for children 12 months and under with a medical, developmental or behavioural disorder.
Please note that Dr. Ng provides consultations only and families must have a family healthcare provider.

All referrals can be faxed to 403-240-4670. Referring physicans will be notified once the referral has been received. Parents will be notified directly with the appointment for their infant.

Dr. Kaspar Ng