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“Using Quantitative Hormonal Fertility Monitors to Evaluate the Luteal Phase: Proof of Concept Case Study”

Several new quantitative fertility monitors are now available for at-home use that measure estrogen, luteinizing hormone (LH), and progesterone (PDG) in urine. This case report compares the Mira and Inito quantitative fertility monitors with the well-established qualitative ClearBlue fertility monitor. Three clinical scenarios were evaluated: a normal cycle, a prolonged luteinization cycle, and an anovulatory cycle. The identification of the luteal phase (or lack thereof in the case of anovulation) and the transition through the three processes of luteinization, progestation, and luteolysis were clearly demarcated with the help of quantitative LH and PDG. Quantitative fertility monitors have the potential to identify details of the luteal phase to help women with regular cycles and abnormal luteal phases to help target interventions for optimizing fertility.